Week 8 - Signs of the Times

WEEK 8 - Signs of the Times 


‘Photographing Signs’


There are so many signs that communicate everything from love, encouragement as well as fear & hate surrounding Covid-19.  Signs describing our time in separation are displayed everywhere, and everyone seems to be in on the act churches, schools, neighbourhoods, media are trying to vie for our attention. It’s an important time to record these photographs, along with our journey together during these times that capture/record truth with meaning for each one of us within our own communities. 


Recording signs can also be quite good fun in capturing various subject matter  or even  how they communicate to us and believe it or not as a record when you look back say in a few years time will invoke some very strong memories. Photography has the power to do that! Enjoy taking yours!


In our final week, I’m thankful to all who responded positively and shared and even those that looked in to the weekly themes.  We would love to see the ways signs around us have been creatively displayed and  has brought hope or even has inspired you to think differently and maybe you find it challenging . It will be great to see your images  and comments here


 NB (if uploading images of people please obtain their permission before doing so) 


All images © Anand Chhabra