Creating in a time of Separation

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The aim of this site is to encourage audiences to participate by uploading their images or their creative work & even comment about images on this platform during their time during lockdown. I also want to explore the changing nature of the lockdown regulations and what they mean to you. As a photogrpahic artist I will explore the themes that will encourage Health & Wellbeing by posting images with a theme each week and encourage you to post your images and will address your comments. Over the next 8 weeks, I will be exploring the changing nature of the lockdown regulations and what they mean to people. l will explore such themes as Health & Wellbeing, Social Distancing, Family, Community & Caring, Togetherness and Relationships, Keyworkers, Work, Food, Beliefs.

I would like to invite you to join me in reflecting the issues - please comment on the blog posts or upload relevant images of your creative work.


At the end of 8 weeks we will have a body of work that shows this extra ordinary time through the efforts of others in the wider community.


Creating in a Time of Separation Project is a CreateSpace Project


Anand Chhabra



CreateSpace is a Creative Health CIC project in partnership with Arts Council England, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, The New Art Gallery Walsall, Wolverhampton Art Gallery and Staffordshire County Council.

WEEK 1 - Community & Caring


Week 1 - Theme- Community & Caring

'Acts of Kindness'

At the early stages in the new world of lockdown from March 20th, the one thing we were allowed to do was get some exercise outdoors once a day near our homes. I therefore started a daily routine of walking given the sunshine we were having in the spring time. I was glad for a couple of things during my walks, firstly the positive mental health impact of just walking out your house on a sunny day and the other being the willingness of others to share their used things with others be it books and board games, dvds with others outside their homes. I could only take simple images like this tell a story about our time in lockdown and how community and caring is demonstrated when we reach out to others in the ways that we were able to. This image taken on my mobile phone. Do you have images and comments/stories about the way people have shown their kindness under our theme of Community & Caring please upload and comment your thoughts stories here on our facebook page:-


NHS Flag


NHS Flag ©Anand Chhabra