WEEK 2 Theme - Health & Wellbeing Part 1



Week 2 Theme - Health & Wellbeing Part 1 (w/c 13th July)


Haircut 100!



As hairdressers return to opening their doors to the public on July 4th 2020. I have been reminded of the way we have been cutting hair and trying to maintain some sort of dignity under Lockdown. Keeping up with the latest fashion and hair in check is a serious part of many people’s health and wellbeing and during lockdown and no different with two teenage boys in our house.


Creating images in this time requires a very simple approach by capturing images of the ordinary every day. This was taken after my eldest son cut his brother’s hair in our veranda. Photography and the power of the still image immortalises the moments to our memory, describing the story of our time in a thousand words what words simply fail to achieve. We would love to see your images or comments about your own hair haircuts experiences/stories and what they have meant to you.