WeeK 6 Key workers Part 2


WEEK 6 - Key Workers - Part 2


‘Showing gratitude to our NHS Heroes’


Showing Gratitude to NHS heroes. The appreciation for NHS workers has been in my experience the most visual things I have recorded as a photographer in Wolverhampton during the pandemic. Especially for the community around the area I live, people have certainly shown their appreciation through their art and creativity. Thanks for our NHS heroes has been the thing that has galvanised & invigorated our communities the most. This particular photograph I have taken shows the lengths involving creativity that a local mechanic has gone to show their  appreciation.


 I have seen sheep with the NHS logo printed on their sides, schools everywhere posting mosaics made by pupils, Children colourings and art work in their windows at home, pavements chalked and from pubs to places of worship using their notice boards to thank the frontline workers risking their lives. Recording these images have been a very uplifting experience for me and we would love to see your images and comments on our shared social media platforms here:-


All images © Anand Chhabra


NB (portraits will need permission from individuals before posting)