WEEK 4 - Social Distancng


WEEK 4 - Social Distancing


How has the world changed for you?


It’s been quite something finding stories about people’s lives within close proximity to my home during lockdown. I was out with my camera just trying to photograph the art work that people have drawn on pavements or on walls & windows to thank the NHS. I spotted this gentleman walking in to the supermarket with full PPE gear and a gas mask. I see him & as  a photographer I immediately curious and follow him into the supermarket. As I approached and introduced myself to him, I asked why he was in full PPE. He told me he had recently had heart surgery and wasn’t taking any risks while he needed to go shopping as many Black & Asian communities have been disproportionately affected by the virus. Fortunately he didn’t mind being photographed as many people have taken photographs of him when shopping. The photograph shows the effect on our communities that has happened as a result of lockdown along with it a desire to be safe whilst social distancing. We see restrictions being lifted now as the results of social distancing has worked to reduce the number of infections and deaths. I wonder how social distancing has affected you under current restrictions & others during the current crisis whether its queuing up outside supermarket and finding products and empty shelves in short supply or the effect around our mental health.  Please share your own images/stories & comments here:- 




NB (portraits will need permission from individuals before posting)